In Spin Class 飛輪課

發表於 2018/10/15

In Spin Class 飛輪課

Mark: Hi, I'm Mark. This is my first spin class. Any tips?

Jenny: Hi, I'm Jenny. First, you're gonna want to wipe the saddle down.

Mark: Ew, you're right. Looks like things get pretty sweaty around here.

Jenny: Yep, ha-ha. Now adjust your saddle so you can extend your legs more.

Mark: Good idea. I have long legs... that's better. Any more tips?

Jenny: Don't set the resistance too high at first. You'll be surprised how fast you get tired.

馬克: 嗨,我叫馬克,這是我的第一堂飛輪課,有什麼建議嗎?

珍妮: 嗨,我叫珍妮。首先,你最好擦一下坐墊。

馬克: 好噁,妳說得對,這裡到處都有汗水。

珍妮: 對,哈哈。現在調整坐墊,這樣你可以把腿伸長一點。

馬克: 好主意,我的腿比較長⋯⋯這樣好多了,還有其他建議嗎?

珍妮: 一開始別把阻力設得太高,否則你會訝異自己很快就累了。

1) saddle 馬鞍,(自行車、摩托車等)坐墊

The rider fell out of his saddle and broke his leg.

2) adjust (v.) 調整

You can adjust the seat to a more comfortable position.

3) extend (v.) 伸展,延伸

The two men extended their arms and shook hands.

From EZ TALK《全民動起來:秒懂運動健身英文 EZ TALK總編嚴選特刊》